isdn beginners guide II

isdn beginners guide II

Post by Mike McDonal » Sat, 19 Jul 2003 07:40:38

I have the same scenario as the preceding one, due to my office
location, dsl/cable are both cost ($/kbps) prohibitive so I've also
ordered isdn from SBC for $46/mo plus the government mobsters tribute
fees which gets me 400 local calls per month and no long distance.

Problem #1 - Earthlink wants $1/hr!!!! for isdn access (not sure if this
is for 64k or 128k) and the cheapest unlimited isp/isdn I can find out
there is about $40/mo.  So now I'm up to $86/mo, pricey for a fancy

144k/144k, and we're getting a line we can use for other things, like

Question #1 - Anyone know of reasonably priced isdn access out there?

Problem #2 - this isdn access will provide browsing, email, possible
future ftp services for a beginner's website I don't have up yet, and
hopefully sending and receiving faxes; all from 3 win98se workstations
and one win2kpro "server" networked thru a 10/100 ethernet switch.  I am
considering plugging an isdn TA into the server and using ICS/NAT to
share the connection, or plugging an isdn router into the ethernet
switch.  I think SBC told me the isdn wall jack would be RJ-45.

Question #2a - If I do the TA to server ICS/NAT setup, what kind of port
do we need on the server, 10/100 NIC RJ-45?

Question #2b - Anyone recommendations on good isdn TAs and routers?

(someone had recommended an SMC7004abr which is really a dsl/cable
router which has an isdn port for "failover" use, about $75)

Any recommendations appreciated.

What's amazing is because my house happens to be about 4k feet from an
SBC CO, I can get adsl over my existing line from a 3rd party isp at
1.544k/768k for $40/mo!!!!



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