Bitsurfer Pro, Ascend and Solaris

Bitsurfer Pro, Ascend and Solaris

Post by Nikhil Kuma » Wed, 10 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I am using a BS pro, connecting to a Solaris Box.  I was planning to
configure it as a Modem, upto 115k, one port setup for each channel.

Any pointers on PPP setup involved?  The idea is to dial in from a
Solaris box using the BS Pro to a Solaris Box thro' a Ascend Pipeline

I am looking for help/experience with such a setup.



1. Bitsurfer Pro & Solaris?

Is anyone using a Motorola Bitsurfer Pro ISDN TA with a Solaris
workstation?  I have a SPARC 10 and I want to set it up with
dedicated 64k ISDN access.  I know the workstation has ISDN
built in, but it does not seem to have and POTS support.  I
want to use the Motorola TA to use on B channel for Internet
access and the other B channel for telephone/fax use.  Has
anyone configured a Solaris 2.5.1 workstation in this manner?

BTW.  What is the max speed of the built in serial ports on
the SPARC 10?  

Thanks for any help...

        - Dan

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