record in mp3 format

record in mp3 format

Post by Ankur Tya » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 17:57:49

Hi everybody,
I have made an application that can record law data into WAVE(RIFF) format.
I want to save this data in mp3 format, but don't know how to convert law to mp3.
Thanks for Any help ;-)

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I have tried to figure out what the voice format is. The gsm 6.1
algorithm convert files to forexample wav files, but decoding to GSM
6.1 works fine. After 1 to 3 seconds when playing the converted file
the sound gets awful mess.

Is there any FAQ or sample sources or even programs which helps me
solve this program.

Please E-MAIL the answers directly to me, I'm not sure I get all the
messages in this group. Thankyou.

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