HST driver - low fax speed (OT?)

HST driver - low fax speed (OT?)

Post by Thomas Ostheg » Sat, 12 Jul 2003 17:06:23

Hi all,

I know, this might be a bit off topic. Anyhow, this is the closest and
the best qualified NG, I guess.

I'm currently using some of the HST ISDN cards, because it's easy to use
more than one in a computer.

Now I found out, that all (CAPI) drivers are generally speed reduced
versions, according to the fax (T30/G3) implementation. HST expects 30
Euro per channel for a speed, which seems to be an incredible price for
a feature, that is included in other vendor's products.

Does someone have an idea how to increase the fax speed of these cards?
Currently the speed is around 2400 bd used with MS fax services.

TIA and have a nice weekend




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