Pre-registration e-mail!!!!

Pre-registration e-mail!!!!

Post by DJ IS » Sat, 24 Aug 2002 06:45:19

hey ya know I just got an e-mail that I am at the top of
the pre-registation list and that they would e-mail me
before september 20th to give me a final statement, man
it sure does take them a while, anyway I'm wondering if
anyone else got this e-mail???

Pre-registration e-mail!!!!

Post by shaw » Sat, 24 Aug 2002 06:56:20

yes, many people got this email (including me) but not
everyone. i asked what it mean to the xbox support people
and this is what they said..

Question: many people, including myself, have recieved
the "september 20th" email. there are rumors about what it
means, but no one really knows. so exactly what does
the "september 20th" email mean? are we going to become
beta testers if we got that email?

  ( Shawn has joined )
  ( Kar has joined )
Kar: Welcome to the Xbox Interactive Online Support. My
name is Kar.
Kar: If you read the second paragraph, it says that you're
still being considered. That's all that that email means.
Shawn: so is it the regection email?
Kar: No, it's not. Again, it says that you're still under
Kar: Do you have any other Xbox issues that I can help you
Shawn: will most people that get that email become beta
Kar: Sorry, but we don't really have any details on the
beta selection process, as it's being taken care of by
another department.
Shawn: alright,thanks for your time
Shawn: bye


Pre-registration e-mail!!!!

Post by X da ta » Sat, 24 Aug 2002 08:42:42

I got that letter just yesterday, but it says im at the
top of the list, meaning im prob about 9,000th in queue
so im not crossing my fingers but im hoping that ill make
it.  If not, UC isn't out, so im not missing out on

1. Reminder: SUGI Pre-Registration Closes Today

SUGI pre-registration closes today, March 29th.  If you plan to attend SUGI
and haven't registered, you can do so at If you
preregister you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration.
Also, if you have paid and live in the United States, you will receive your
conference materials in advance.

If you decide to attend and don't pre-register, you can register on-site.
Registration opens at noon Saturday, April  13th in the Lobby Level of the
Dolphin Hotel.

Hope to see you in Orlando!

Cyndie Gareleck
SUGI 27 Conference Chair

Cyndie Gareleck
RAND, Information Resources
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