HDTV's & game consoles

HDTV's & game consoles

Post by Doug Thew » Fri, 14 Dec 2001 12:56:04

As with any console (TV or otherwise), a prolonged image statically
displayed on a screen will burn an image.  However, this won't happen if you
just turn your TV off if you want to leave the XBox on and at a stopping
point for a period of time.  Just playing normally should not cause any

Doug Thews
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Quote:> In the past they always warned putting game consoles on
> projection tv's due to burning an image on the screen, is
> this still true with newer TV's such as HDTV's

> Thanks


1. Don't confuse game consoles with PC's

I have heard people claim that an xbox is a small pc and
the like ; but what they fail to realize is that a game
console is nothing more then a specialized PC. Built for
one porpose GAMMING. From the beginning of consoles; the
guts are all the same as a PC. motherboard, cpu,graphics
chip, etc.  I think that the xbox is the first step into
the future of the console market.  We need more players
like microsoft that do test and market serveys to come
out with good consoles.  So what if the xbox has a
harddrive in it or a intel processor chip in it, be happy
that some one out there is looking out for the consumer
and out for the money to be made.  I own an xbox; I've
looked at a ps2 and a ngc.  I studied on the three and
came to the conclusion that the xbox is for me.  ps2 is
nice but the price to extras department is slim and the
ngc, well it really can't compare to the top rwo
consoles.  Just think about it, it small wow,so who
really cares about that, it has a strap ohhohho, big
deal. It comes in different colors hahaha, that still
won't make the console.  I think the ngc is a dressed up
n64 really same blocky graphics and everything.  PS2 need
to step up to the plate in the memory department
(harddrive or the like)all in all the xbox is the
complete package.  Many thank to Microsoft and Intel and
Nvidia in the inovation know as the Xbox.

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