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Ryan Brown

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1. Win a free Xbox + 4 controllers + 5 games

I just posted this over on TeamXbox and, since this newsgroup is my true
home, you guys should be notified as well.

There is a big debate going on about XBL and peer-to-peer gaming versus
server-hosted gaming. I have plenty of evidence that many if not most
games will be peer-to-peer, but a few vocal individuals insist that I'm
absolutely wrong.

Due to my contact with an Xbox Live "insider", I am absolutely confident
in this assessment. So much so that if it turns out that all XBL games
are centrally hosted, either by MS or publishers, then I will purchase
any one of the following prizes for one lucky random person:

- A new Xbox, 4 controllers, and 5 games of your choice
- Any make/model of television not to exceed $500
- Any make/model of A/V receiver not to exceed $500

Of course there's nothing but my reputation holding me to this promise,
but I value my rep and my cred on the newsgroups so if I'm wrong, I'll
pay up. To count as "wrong", the following conditions must be met:

All XBL games available at XBL launch must have a server-side component
that is executing on either a Microsoft XBL server or a server set up by
the publisher. There can be no games that rely on the local Xbox to
"host" the game. The XBL components needed to find games, locate
buddies, store stats, etc. do NOT count as "server component". It must
be the actual game logic - player movements, hit locations, A.I., etc.

If I turn out to be wrong, I will advertise in and
anybody (even people who haven't been a part of this or any other XBL
architecture thread) can submit their name for the prize. Please don't
bombard me with e-mail just yet - wait until I get my beta package at
least! :D

I will also add a page to my website with this offer.

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