problems with projector TV?

problems with projector TV?

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There is no such burn in problems with LCD projectors.
Images from computers are the primary reason for the birth
of the LCD projector.
Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>a lot of the games are warning about using the xbox with
>a front or rear projector.  One of the games warned
>because of burn-in.  Is this a concern for LCD projector
>tvs?  I am using an LCD projector (like one you could
>hook up to a computer), and wouldn't think there is a

>Does anyone know?



1. Projection TV vs Multimedia Projector

I am sure you will like the projector considering the size of the image it
can give.  I once played DOA3 with a projector, even I was using composite
video, it was so great.  Imagine watching a cinema like image.

One thing however, I have to remind you that the life for normal projector
lamp is around 1500 hours and they are pretty expensive to replace.  I heard
that there are two types of rear projection TV, one with CRT and the other
with lamp.  I guess the CRT will have a longer life than the lamp type.

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