I am picked for xbox live and I am from brooklyn new york

I am picked for xbox live and I am from brooklyn new york

Post by chri » Fri, 23 Aug 2002 03:05:17

They are sending me a link soon ..What does it cost or is
it free

1. just got this xbox live e-mail am I special?

Thanks for waiting to participate in the beta. The response
exceeded 100,000.
We wanted to let you know we plan to send you an email no later
than September 20th regarding your status to potentially be
included in our beta test program.

You're at the top of our pre-registration list for our ongoing beta
program. So you'll be the first to create a Gamertag and the first to
know when it's time to get in this incredibly intense, high-speed
gaming experience. That means you can start creating a rep
before most.

In the meantime, check out http://www.xbox.com/live/ for the latest
news and updates on XboxT Live. Or, copy and paste the link
into your browser.

Thanks again for your desire to participate in the beta and you
will hear from us soon.

-Xbox Live Beta Selection Team

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