live community go go go !!!!

live community go go go !!!!

Post by jami » Mon, 24 Jun 2002 21:02:29

what do you all think of xbox live ?? you can play online
and meet new people !! why not make new freiends for this
experience now soo ure totaly ready for this experience !
join 2day and start your plans for this unique experience
that will be xbox live !
click on the link and join me in the chat room so we can
start talkin !! meet you there


1. Cube HD going...going...going...

The original hard drive (Maxtor 330MB) in my cube is starting to switch into  
"incredibly-annoyingly-noisy" mode.  I remember the symtoms from another cube  
I used to work on.

I need to buy a replacement hard drive and transfer everything from the old  
drive to the new one.  I have two questions:

1)  What makes/model hard drive should I buy to replace the original Maxtor?

        I recall reading in this newsgroup talk about how certain drives
        just can't take the environment inside the cube.

        Is it OK to buy a 3.5" drive and use the conversion brackets?

        I would like to get something larger than 330MB.  Probably something
        in the 1Gig range.  Any suggestions?

2)  How do I initialize the new drive and transfer everything over?

        I bought the cube used.  It came with NS3.0 installed on it.  I don't
        have the NS3.0 CD, nor do I have a CD-ROM drive.

        Is there some combination of "disk" and "dump" that will allow me to
        transfer everything over nicely?

        As this is to be a total replacement of the old drive, the new drive
        will become the boot disk.

Thanks for your help/suggestions,


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