Old friends and new friends

Old friends and new friends

Post by Joniel Aguiler » Fri, 01 Nov 2002 08:17:34

 Hey guys if you are reading please add me to your
list .My gamertag is JONIEL X001 ,Dominicano desde New
York.Danny Diogenes Jhonny  everybody from New York and
The Dominican Republic.  I cant wait for Unreal
Championship 3  see yaaaaaaaaa LIVE

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The software is flawed. For so many users to have the same problems with the same piece of software eliminates the possibility of different configurations reacting differently. There are major issues that aren't/haven't been addressed. I think that 60 days is more than ample time for these issues to be fixed. Of course, we are dealing with MS. Status quo
J. Dennis Russell, Sr.
To reply via e-mail, replace $$ with ss
and replace notmail.com with hotmail.com..

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