Kinda quiet

Kinda quiet

Post by Dumbas » Thu, 29 Aug 2002 15:00:30

  Gawd I hope we are not all sitting around checking our
email's every twenty second's or so (not that I am of
course) lol. waiting for the third email letting us know
if we are in or not. I would love to get the word
tonight,or tomorrow it would be sweet. well got to run
must check email ha ha ha
      later all

1. Kinda Info, Kinda FS: 8051 stuff and nonsense!

I've got bits for sale here, so skip this if you're not a 51 fan! I
prefer the V25+, but hey! It's my job...

Hi all! I'm doing a few new 8051 things, so i've got some stuff to
unload if yer into 51 hacking. I'm not fly by night, but I'm not a
retail store, either. I can answer a few questions, but not all...

First, I've got to design and build a 51 based box that can be loaded
via a COM program. It's commercial, so there! However, I'm not against
making the proto run a little "fat" in hopes of selling some of the REV
A samples for cash. It will have optoiso I/O, and some strange comm
stuff, as well as a 8255/8155 on it and a PS for wallwart. Also EEprom
(serial) and 2 big fat JEDEC mem sites. Plated through, no solder mask
or screen.
I'm thinking $30 for 1, $50 for 2. No breadboard area, but headers for
I/O. It has TWO serial ports, but one is just pin driven. I could add
one or two features if somebody sounds convincing.

I've also got a few really NICE boards looking for a home: One was a
commercial data logger, used the LTC1290 12 bit A/D, 93C66 EEPROM, a
signetics 8 pin I2C realtime clock (I don't know where to get the part
these days, but it's a current part), a bizarre partially commited NAND
package, 3 term regulated PS, coin-cell backup for RTC, latch, and
one big JEDEC memory sight (up to 64K ROM, and I THINK it does 128K
SRAM) plus MAX-232. Every bloody pin is labled with what it does, as
I accidently (heh!) left on the design silkscreen. So P0.1 is right
there... And jumpers. I'll sell these (with MAX-232 installed and a
12 mhz Xtal, no other parts just DOCs!) for $25 a pop. They're cute.
about 3 by 6 inches...Robots, anyone? For $10 more, I have NEW pactec
grey cases and a wall wart supply.  

I've also got some MONSTER 8051 boards with printer I/F, Graphic LCD
I/F, RS-232, Pulse in, PWM D/A out, keyboard scanning, 2 sites, eeprom
and a bizarre combination of analog inputs. These would be $50 and you
would have to make 3 cut and solders to use properly. Not for the TIMID!
(They're fine, but I designed the A/D part before the chip was sampling,
 so you have to stick in some 1K resistors to get the A/D to work right.)

Also, great 4 by 16 Modules, contrast on board, just glue against a
square cutout and Voila! Nice display! $10 a pop, with newbie docs.

E-mail me for details. Basically, you send me CASH via certified mail,
(So I go sign for it. Don't be a ditz and just stick money in an
envelope!)I pop your board into an envelope and off she goes, same deal.
You want overnight? I think it's eight bucks...

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