Want to apologize

Want to apologize

Post by Notorious Shari » Wed, 26 Feb 2003 05:15:58

Hey all,

Just wanted to say I am sorry for spamming the newsgroup even though I had
no intention to. Please forgive me. Again, sorry.

Sharif Tanvir Karim
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1. I apologize

if this rehash of old stuff but I'm new to this board and know nothing
of what went on before.
I need information on scanning software. I feel importing to Photoshop
inefficient when much can be done at scanning. Am I right in this?
I have an Epson 636 scanner and would like to get a decent software
package as I think the package that came with it less than intuitive. At
least I have problems with it. Is Epsons Package the equivalent to "Scan
Wizard"  If not is Scan Wizard all that good? Does anybody know anything
about Binuscan?
Is every  version of scanner software machine exclusive?
I realize Macs and PC differ but do scanner outputs differ drastically?
I have tried Lasersoft's SilverFast Demo and like it although it is way
for the untarnished version. (The Demo prints "LaserSoft " across the
imported Picture) why does LaserSoft charge such differing rates for
different machines?
Does anyone have any suggestions on other scanner packages that will be
an improvement over  Epson's, and less than the $300 pricetag for
Silverfast. Epson bundled this with their Professional 636 offers no
way to get it for their other 636 scanners.

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