surround sound

surround sound

Post by Andre » Wed, 07 Aug 2002 11:34:09

i am in need of a little guidance regarding setup for
surround sound.  I am most likely getting a surround sound
system for my birthday, coming soon, and am wondering how
i will connect my xbox to it, since the tv i am using only
has a coaxial input.  i am using the standard av cables to
run into my vcr and then to my tv.  so could i use these
cables to connect to my reciever for 5.1 DD suround
sound?  if not, is there any way i can make my set-up work
without buying a new tv with s-video inputs?  thanks for
putting up with my rambling and thanks for the help.  See
you on the other end of a sniper rifle in Halo online.

1. surround sound

I have a tv and it needs an rf adaptor to hook up my
xbox.  I bought that but I also have a radio with 5.1
dolby pro logic surround sound.  I really want to hook
that up so that i can play and watch movies in surround
sound.  Is this even possible with my setup?  What do I
need to buy?

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