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1. I used a hub to connect some systems yesterday
2. Go to
3. I don't know. Mine works fine too :=)
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>1.  how do i link more than one xbox if there is only one
>ethernet port (do i need a router?)?
>2.  how do i play my xbox on the internet?
>3.  why is everone *ing so much? (my xbox/halo works
>4.  thats about it...
>5.  Respond with answers plz.  



1. Questions, questions, questions

Yo, I have two questions... how do ya change the xbox name
using Halo? or any other game? and secondly, does anyone
have ANY opinion on which controller is the best? is it
worth it paying xtra 10$ for the official controller? or
are thrid party controllers good enough for their value? I
have two official controllers and i am looking to get two
more so my friends (hoo unfortunately decidedto buy the
gamecube...i wont continue discussing that mistake) can
also play Halo w/ me instead of just one....

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