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Merry Christmas team xbox:

Thanks for the AWESOME game SYSTEM!!!

The games have an unbelievably, high quality sound field.  
Dolby-Digital on a video game is FANTASTIC!  Halo's
directional sound is trully a work of art, which alone
from the amazing graphics and state-of-the-art AI makes
this the best game I have ever played.  I can hardly wait
to see what games come in this first year!

The digital video graphics quality is unreal!  This game
is built to show off our HDTV's!  Four people have bought
HDTV's after seeing my set up with the xbox...  eye-candy
for the videophiles everywhere!

The xbox controllers are perfect... Finally there is a
serious game system available to those of us with higher-
end theater systems, and hands larger than a seven-year-

The game manufacturers you boys and gals have brought on
board with the xbox is trully an amazing feat.  Lucas
Arts, Bungie, Rockstar, and the insiders' Microsoft
Games... whatta lineup!  I am an old Nintendo gamer, and I
really love the advanced game plots these gamers are
rocking out on xbox!

OBI-WAN is out!!! oh boy, better than HALO?!
MaxPAYNE is out!!! oh boy, what a game collection I am

Keep on Rock'n on dudes!



1. Happy Holidays and a happy new year to all you flight simmers out there

I remember back in September when I was pretty nervous about this flight
sim stuff. But a lot of people helped me along the way, especially the
MS_MVP's. Now that I use the Virtual Flight School that I learned about
from www.virtualairlines.com/vanf/ (Virtual Airlines News Flash), (Plus,
I did my first landing pattern yesterday) and now that I have the
Microsoft Flight Simulator '98 Inside Moves book next to me, I have
nothing to worry about. Thanks to all that have helped me along the way
to explore this wonderful flight simulation world. Happy Holidays to you
and your families and a happy new year too.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year too and Great flying in 1998,

Rory Aronsky

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