Q: Default save folder and fcc folder setting

Q: Default save folder and fcc folder setting

Post by o.. » Sun, 20 Dec 1998 04:00:00


I played around with mutt all evening and I am totally stuck with a configuration
problem. May be some in this group can help me.

I used mutt for several months and I am perfectly happy with it. It is fast,
it easy to configure and it is powerful. But now may folders with sent email
have so large that I can't deal with them anylonger when I have to track an
email conversation with customers and so on. So I decided to change my

What I like to achieve is:

        - After I read a mail it is automatically saved to a folder for this
                addresse. At best the folder name is not constructed from the email
                adresse but from my alias list.
        - All replies to this message are also saved in this particular folder.

So I have all the emails grouped by the people I have talked to. I used this
type of email organisation back in the days I used pine.

Does anyone have a proper solution for me? I am nearly insane .....

Bye, Oliver

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1. Mutt assumes folder has new mail when e.g. an fcc-hook saves to a folder


When an fcc-hook saves a composed message of mine to a particular folder,
mutt, seeing that the folder is listed among "mailboxes", decides that I
have new mail. Does mutt check new email by file timestamps? Then, it may
be the cause of the problem.

This is just a small inconvenience, but I'd appreciate it if anybody could
tell me his/her solution if any. Perhaps, by scoring email from me

score '~A' 10
score '~P' -10

and then removing the new tag... Still, however, if it checks timestamps,
the status line will continue to show the wrong information.


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