Ensim system won't feed email to virtual host mailboxes or forward email

Ensim system won't feed email to virtual host mailboxes or forward email

Post by Michael Slad » Sun, 10 Jun 2001 08:07:18

We have just started with one of Advanced Web Hosting's Linux boxes for
several hundred web sites that our volunteer organization (the Genesee
Gateway) makes available to non-profit organizations in our area.

Advanced Web Hosting, has, shall we say, been less than great in helping us
solve the following problem with email.

Email does not work on this machine to any of the accounts that we have

As per an rpm -q query this machine is running:


on a Linux 6.0 with a 2.2.12-20ensim kernel .

Mail seems stuck in the sendmail queue. You can't read mail sent to a
popmail account and you can't use the popmail account to send mail out.

Here is what seems to be a typical segment from the maillog:

ay=3+20:00:23, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=virthostmail, pri=15600490,
susa.org, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection reset by ns1.rfnweb.com
Jun  8 18:13:06 ns1 virthostmail[9640]: Domain bachkidsusa.org chrooting to
Jun  8 18:13:06 ns1 virthostmail[9640]: Cannot change euid to 0 failed 1
Jun  8 18:13:06 ns1 sendmail[9604]: f552Ig420518: smtpquit: mailer
exited with exit value 25

My less than expert knowledge suggests that there is a permissions problem

The permissions for bku-admin are:

drwxr-xr-x  11 root     root         4096 Jun  3 10:58 bku-admin

Based on this information it looks to me like DNS is working and email is
reaching sendmail but sendmail can't deliver it locally.

Can anyone point me to the cause or at least let me know something useful to


Michael Slade

Genesee Gateway