Nuovo Movimento - work offer

Nuovo Movimento - work offer

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Please read on: this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor is it an
offer of employment: it is a serious proposal for expanding the
horizons of your professional life.

One of the supposed advantages of the Internet is that people can
choose to work wherever they like. Sadly, this rarely happens: the
practical obstacles always seem insurmountable.

But let's dream for a moment:

Imagine spending six months of the year on a beautiful Mediterranean
island, with all the benefits that go with it: long, sunny days, even
in the middle of winter; fine food and wine; a long fascinating
history; a beautiful, clean blue sea and spectacular inland scenery.

Well, now the dream can become a reality.

In Sardinia, there is now a project to allow you to do exactly this.
Spend six months of the year on the island, doing the work you
normally do via the Internet - whether it be in the field of
computers, journalism, translation, or whatever - and you will be
offered free Internet access, extremely interesting tax advantages,
and even heavily-subsidized accommodation. You can choose where you
would like to live - near the sea, in the capital city, Cagliari, in a
small traditional town, or high in the mountains. We can even help
with the bureaucracy!

This opportunity is made possible by an organization called 'Nuovo
Movimento' - New Movement - which is committed to making Sardinia a
world leader in the Internet field. The foundations are already in
place: the New Movement has been founded by Nichi Grauso, the creator
of Video On Line, the project which brought Internet access to every
town in Italy and every corner of the world in the mid-1990s. Sardinia
is also home to CRS4, the research body directed by the Nobel Prize
winning Carlo Rubbia.

Hundreds of companies and individuals in the fields of computers,
journalism, science and research have already expressed their
interest. If you, too, are interested, please send an e-mail to the
following address:

We would be very grateful if you could forward this message to anyone
else you think may be interested.

Many thanks for your attention.

The office of the New Movement

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