mhshow: don't know how to decode content

mhshow: don't know how to decode content

Post by James Gregory Mille » Fri, 29 Aug 2003 23:58:35

On GNU/Linux Redhat 9, I am using nmh with

mhshow -- nmh-1.0.4 [compiled on at Sat Jan 25
21:39:43 EST 2003]

When I try to display a MIME multi-part message I encounter the following
problem -

     mhshow: don't know how to decode content
             (content text/plain in message 1, part 1)

In the message, the MIME encoding is specified as

     Content-Type: text/plain
     Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary

If I edit out the possibly erroneous Content-Transfer-Encoding line, then
mhshow does not complain and the message content is displayed.

How do I configure my .mh_profile to tell mhshow how to decode or ignore
a Content-Transfer-Encoding type of binary for Content-Type text/plain?

As I frequently receive messages of this type, I do not wish to have
to edit each message to remove the Content-Transfer-Encoding line.

Many thanks for your assistance, and please help keep MH alive, relevant,
and useful on the desktop!


1. content multipart/report: mhn: don't know how to display content

Dear colleagues, a new MIME message appeared, a Delivery Status Notification.
Alas, I can't look at it with mhn.

    Date: Wed, 23 Nov 1994 08:14:23 PST

 Subject: Returned mail: User unknown

mhn: don't know how to display content
     (content multipart/report in message 74)

Is this a bug in mhn or do I need to configure somewhere something?

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

Urs Eppenberger, SWITCH

PS: You can receive such a DSN by sending to

My mhn version:
version: MH 6.8.3 #19[UCI] (scsnms) of Sun Mar 13 14:59:53 MET 1994
options: [APOP='"/etc/pop.auth"'] [ATTVIBUG] [BERK] [BIND] [BPOP]
         [BSD42] [BSD43] [DBMPWD] [FLOCK] [FOLDPROT='"0700"'] [MHE]
         [MHRC] [MIME] [MPOP] [MSGID] [MSGPROT='"0644"'] [NTOHLSWAP]
         [SUN40] [SUN41] [TYPESIG=void] [ZONEINFO]

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