Netmeeting/ICS/Windows 2000 And Dialup Settings

Netmeeting/ICS/Windows 2000 And Dialup Settings

Post by Mark Wel » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 08:38:47

I have several small LAN's setup in five counties. Each office has a
Win2k Pro machine as a ICS server and about five to six other machines
on the LAN as clients. The Win2k server machine uses a dialup
connection to the internet. I also have netmeeting setup on all
machines. What I want to be able to do is call any of these machines
and look at their desktops, chat, etc. Is this possible? If so how do
I do it? Where can I find info on this?

Thanks for all the help?



1. Windows 2000 Unattended Netmeeting Settings

Does anyone know how to manipulate the Unattend setup of Windows 2000
so that custom Netmeeting settings are put on the machine.  I know that
you can do this with the IEAK, but you can't install IE5 on windows
2000.  You can also do this with the Netmeeting Resource Kit, but the
resulting install won't install on 2000 either.  I thought the Internet
Explorer Profile Manager tool looked promising, but there are no
options for Netmeeting (or Outlook Express for that matter) in the
profile tool.  Anyone have any good ideas on how to set the default
directory server, for instance, during an unattended install of Win2k?

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