Local domain for local use only (server connected to the internet).

Local domain for local use only (server connected to the internet).

Post by Z » Sun, 09 Jun 2002 05:33:07

Hi Everybody:

I've got a server connected to the internet, running sendmail
8.11.6-3mdk on Mandrake 8.1. The server has two NICS, a public
connected to the internet and one for the local are network. Classic.

I have a public domain configured, everything perfect. I have a local
domain, with a domain neither registered nor real, like domain.bogus.
This domain was configured as a "virtual", using (no flames pelase :-)
) linuxconf.

The only problem I have is that my local users are realying email out,
to any address on the internet. Even if, those messages are received

could answer) I do not want them to go out.

I tryied to solve the problem building my relaying rules first by
domain and the by IP.

I have this in /etc/sendmail.cf:

F{LocalNames} /etc/mail/name_allow
F{LocalIP} /etc/mail/ip_allow

and in /etc/mail/name_allow I have only the name of my real/public
domain; and in /etc/mail/ip_allow I have only my IPs. Nobody has tu
use my server as relay outside my company.

Where am I wrong ?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Any help much appreciated.



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