Error message from post

Error message from post

Post by GP Tomaschk » Sat, 06 Sep 2003 03:24:19

I'm using nmh v1.0.4.  When I try to send mail, I get the following
error message:

the address

I've looked at the FAQ, and searched google, but I can't find this
error message anywhere.

Can someone help?


Greg Tomaschke
Lawrence Livermore National Lab

<remove the "-no-such-host" to reply>


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I use PINE to read USENET newsgroups and often want to 'reply' (to the
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by highlighting the email address, selecting 'followup to newsgroup' and
putting the email address in the BCC line (so it shows up correctly in
the USENET news listing).

is there any easier way to do this in PINE?



At 6:06pm EST on Dec 11, 1995 Nicholas Anthony Aiello (son of my sister
and brother-in-law) entered the world 8 pounds, 13oz, making me an uncle
for the first time. 8^)

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