How do I get rid of blank lines at signatures, templates and quotes

How do I get rid of blank lines at signatures, templates and quotes

Post by Rezwan Mohamma » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 23:55:03

I'm trying to get rid of blank lines before of after signatures,
templates and quotations in Pine 4.56. How do I do?

                                                Best regards
                                                Rezwan Mohammad


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before I dive into the source and hack that "feature" out with an axe:
Is there an intended way to tell mutt to bleeding leave a string alone and
not insert blanks where it believes they would look nice?

case in point would be:
folder-hook x my_hdr From: "" <someaddr>

Gets turned into:
From: "string . that . must . appear . like . this" <someaddr>

Whatever rides mutt to change a comment?

Putting "" or '' around the string won't help, tried that. Nor does
escaping the points.

Editing headers and removing the superfluous blanks works, but requires
manual intervention for each and every mail, which is not the intended use.


PS: *mutter* *sharpen axe* *unpacking source*

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