spell check won't check spell

spell check won't check spell

Post by Michael Santove » Fri, 15 Feb 2002 08:47:44

Spell Checker or Custom Dictionary Errors

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>I have Outlook 6 running on Windows XP Home Edition.
>Everytime I try to check spelling, I get a message that
>says"spell check was halted, would you like to continue?"
>I click on yes and it just sends the mail. Any idea's?


1. My spell check won't work as well, and I've tried everything!!

I can't get my spell check to work. The tab is not present in the Options
menu and the option is greyed out in the new message window. I have
collected quite a bit of information about the problem, but nothing works.
I have Office 95 installed; all the proofing tools are operational. I have
looked at Microsoft's article number Q154878, "Troubleshooting Spell
Checking" The dictionary and engine files are present for American and
British. I looked for the SpellLangID value in the Registry Editor. It was
missing so I added the American value but this didn't work. Should the
value be binary or hexadecimal? Is the problem caused by the language for
Mail being Western European? I'm very frustrated and have been reduced to
composing E-mail in Word before pasting it into Internet Mail. Any ideas?

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