smail configuration question

smail configuration question

Post by Jesse W. Ash » Mon, 09 Apr 1990 09:03:15

I have some leaf sites that would like to run smail just to get domain
addressing capability but don't want to maintain the paths file.  Is there
anyway to fix things so that they could still use an address like

and just have it forwarded to my system so that my system could determine
the correct address (as I maintain the paths file)?  What I'm trying to
do is let them use regular domain addressing without the paths file by
using my paths file.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Thanx in advance.

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1. smail configuration question

We will shortly be connected to the Internet and are investigating
using ``smail'' instead of MMDF (yes, we have an SCO system).
Maybe I'm just being dense, but the configuration information seems,
as a lot of it does, rather incomrehensible in spots. Specifically,
can anyone out there tell me what the difference is between BSD
networking and TCP/IP on the Internet? Are they really separate
beasties? What do you actually get different if you set the
``DRIVER_CONFIGURATION'' variable to ``bsd-network'', or
``arpa-network'' or ``unix-generic''? What setting should we use
if we will be connecting to the Internet, and running the ``named''
daemon. (If I read all this correctly, ``named'' is the standard
server running the ``bind'' name protocol -- does that make us

If anyone can help me, please send mail and I'll summarize.

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