IMAP; IPOP3D shadow passwd

IMAP; IPOP3D shadow passwd

Post by Stefan Holland-Let » Sat, 07 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I have just installed the Washington University IMAP and IPOP3 daemon on
a HPX 10.20 system.
The only problem is that I cannot login. The IMAP and the POP3 daemon
says "bad login".

I guess HP-UX 10.20 uses some short of shadow passwd file. Can anyone
tell me how to build
the daemons with support for a shadow passwordfile ?

Thanks in advance



1. shadow and ipop3d?

I know this may not be the best group to post this in.  But since it comes
with the imap-4.1 package, I decided to post here anyway.

I have a linux box running 1.2.13. and decided the time has come for shadow
passwords.  I did recompile a plethora (actually one or two) of programs,
so they would see the passwords.

So now I'm on one of my last programs to recompile ipop3d.  The thing is
I can't  find anything anywhere that tells me how to get it to see shadow
pw's.  Can anybody help???

Jonathan Loh

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