need POP client for RS6000

need POP client for RS6000

Post by Debby Kore » Thu, 03 Feb 1994 06:10:08

I have an all-PC (except for one SUN server) based network running POP (and
other clients) and suddenly one guy needs to use an RS6000!  He would like to
run POP to read his mail from our central server, like everyone else does.  Can
anyone point me to a public domain POP client, preferably with a nice user
interface, for an RS6000 running AIX 3.2 (with the Power PC Processor, in case
there is any compatibility issue)?  I appreciate any information.



1. Pop software for RS6000

I have the misfortune of using an IBM RS6000 as a mail server.  I would like to use
popular mail utility Eudora to send mail from my IBM to my Macintosh.  In order
to do so, I need to have a version of the Post Office Protocol (POP) software that's
adapted to A/IX or some System V implementation of Unix.  Has anyone seen
something like this?


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