Bcc Oddities

Bcc Oddities

Post by Bryan H » Tue, 18 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Has anyone ever run into either of these Bcc (3.91) oddities:

1.  You compose a message to be sent to a list.  You enter the nickname
for the list in the Bcc field.  You then, for whatever reason, postpone
the mailing (the ^o function.)  When you then choose to "continue" your
message, you check the Bcc field to make sure all the addresses are still
there, only to find out that only a few still are!  Everything else,
including the original message, is fine.

2.  You set up a mailing as above, but instead of postponing it, you send
it right away.  Then you go into "Send-Mail" to check the Bcc addresses.
Again (sometimes, however sometimes not,) only a few addresses are

Are the missing addresses being mailed?  Is this some form of truncating
the amount that we have to look at, without affecting what is sent?  The
most disturbing part is that sometimes the entire, proper, Bcc field is
indeed present when I check it.



1. bcc reveals all bcc recipients

I've seen this complaint before but I don't remember the responses.
When sending a message with Bcc component, all bcc'd recipients see the
entire bcc list.  Is this fixed yet?  This misfeature just caused a
colleague of mine enormous professional embarassment.  The way this
feature works is far worse than useless.
Tommy Reingold
AT&T Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ

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