Help -- Internet Mail

Help -- Internet Mail

Post by Mike Mannio » Thu, 09 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I have tried all the fixes mentioned here, the last being IMN reinstall
procedures which were attached as a file to one of the posts in this group.
Essentially these procedures called for a manual uninstall -- Deleting
Inetcfg.Dll and others.

This worked! The mail program ran fine for a couple days then all of a
sudden its back to the old  "click on the program, it comes up minimized in
the task bar on the bottom for a split second, then bam it's gone" Ouch!!
News and IE 3.01 have always worked fine. One thing that was a little
strange about the above mentioned fix was that the address book was no
longer a separate program on my start menu.

Machine = Compaq Presario 4112. The software loaded with this machine
creates "user profiles" thus allowing up to 8 different users all with a
different password, start menu, etc. Could this be causing a problem? I use
the mail program at home on a dell and love it but I have just about had it
here in the office. Thanks!!


1. Need Help: Internet Mail -- Inbox Assistant

I am having one H*** of a time finding support for ANYTHING to do with
Microsoft's Internet Mail. I have purchased a book, "Running Microsoft
Windows 95" published by MICROSOFT PRESS, and it hardly mentions
Internet Mail as it rams Microsoft Exchange down my throat. Most of the
people I communicate with are NOT using Microsoft Exchange, and it isn't
friendly with other mail systems.

Can anyone point me to the instructions (or give me tips) for setting up
CRITERIA in the Inbox Assistant? The Help file simply says to, "Type the
criteria you want the incoming message to match." It does not give any

I want to set up criteria that will search for WORDS used inside of
phrases typically found in SPAM headers. Since the headers are all
different, I need to know if wildcards can be used with specific words
(i.e.: ...NOW!...,  ...Exclusive...,  ...Save...,  etc...). I've seen
this type of feature in specialty e-mail products like the E-Mail
Connection that used to be available through Prodigy.

To reply directly to me, remove "STOPSPAM." from the e-mail address, or
simply right-click and select "Mail Reply" (or other similar command).
In an effort to avoid having automated systems pickup my e-mail address
in newsgroups, I've added the words "STOPSPAM." to my FROM information.

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