Sender adresse and mailing list

Sender adresse and mailing list

Post by Emmanuel POIRET 476538 » Fri, 13 Sep 1996 04:00:00

My sender generic adress as changed So i can't unsubscribe or change my old adress
from mailing list . the mailing list software does'nt me know
What is the consequense.
I will be automaticly removed from the mailing list if Y cannot receive the mails to my old adrees ?
How to do for  ask the owner mailing to change my adress

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I've recently switched to mutt from MH, and been enjoying it, however
there's one thing I've been trying to solve that I can't find a way
to do, yet.  All the messages from mailing lists I have listed in a
subscribe line in .muttrc show the name of the list instead of the
name of the sender.  Since I have procmail sort all my list traffic
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