Reply To "From" Instead Of "Reply-To"???

Reply To "From" Instead Of "Reply-To"???

Post by Kari E. Hurt » Tue, 24 Jan 1995 19:37:46

??I would consider this a bug in the mailing list software. Most mailers
??have a 'group reply' option exactly for this purpose. A mailing list
??should fill the _correct_ header with the address of the original
??poster, and a Cc: header with the list address. IMNSHO, that is.

?Or To: -header with list address. That is: not modify headers at all.


?That way original person will get post twice.

Of course mailing list software can exclude from distribution list for
that particular mail all receivers which already have in To: and CC: -lines,
but i _don't_ like this alternative. It will newer work very well.

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: Could Pine be changed so that it doesn't ask the user

:       Use "Reply to:" address instead of "From:" address?  

: Or at the very least, could this behavior be made site-configurable?
: When given this choice, our users have no idea which address they
: should use.  (And rightly so -- it's not their job to be able to
: recognize valid e-mail addresses at a glance).  So they guess, and they
: have a 50% of guessing wrong.

I'd hope that this would be settable on both site- and user- basis.

There are those of us that intentionally choose to override reply-to lines
at times, particularly on mailing lists that automatically tack a reply-to:
for the list on each post, regardless of content.


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