Long-term archive utility for MS Exch 4.0 ??

Long-term archive utility for MS Exch 4.0 ??

Post by Jack Winsla » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00

We may have the need to do some long-term archiving of customer support
traffic coming in to a MS Exchange server.  This would, of course, be a
no-brainer with Unix mail, but nothing we have read seems to give the
details for doing this, or even for doing a raw database dump which
could then be filtered and archived to tape or optical disk.

Does anyone know of any method of doing such a thing, other than simply
doing repetitive backups of up* hundred megabytes of database files ??

Perferably, there is some kind of third-party product that will drop right
in.  Has anyone else had this need ??

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