procmail quick start

procmail quick start

Post by Doug Youn » Wed, 25 Sep 2002 14:19:47

I've been wading through the Nancy McGough 'Procmail Quick Start'
at & finding it quite
worthwhile. Unlike the vast majority of technical documentation out there,
this thing is actually written in simple english & even more surprising, it
appears that the writer has not assumed the reader has a particularly
high level of experience. Interestingly for a confirmed MCP, the only
other documentation I've read lately that has been even halfway intelligible
(cgi101) was also written by a person of the fair gender.

1. UPDATED: Procmail Quick Start

My "Procmail Quick Start" is a major rewrite of the Procmail
section of the "Filtering Mail FAQ." I just updated it so that it
now more clearly (I hope!) describes how to use Procmail's
special ^TO_ expression. I've also added some more information on
regular expressions. There are lots of other tweaks throughout
the document. Here is the outline:

 * Overview
 * Terms Used in this Article
 * Strategies
   + Modularize and Plug & Play
   + Stick to a Style
 * Step by Step Through Setting Up and Testing Procmail
   + Is Procmail on Your System?
   + Set Up Procmail Files for Testing
   + Test Your Procmail Setup
   + Create Recipes to Sort Mailing List Messages
 * Accessing Your Message Folders
 * Understanding Procmail Recipes
 * Tracking Your Incoming Messages
 * Pulling the Plug on Procmail
 * Troubleshooting
   + Look at Your Log File
   + Look for Typos
   + Check File and Directory Permissions
   + Turn on Full Logging
   + Try Alternate .forward Files
 * Getting More Procmail Information
 * Thanks
 * Author Blurb for the Book
 * Questions

It is mirrored at:


Feedback is welcome!

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