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Sven Guckes & Sven Guckes,  junior alias "JR"

- JR (3years old) : "father, where are the children coming from ? (very
early boy :)

-SG : *!* or rather, !!. or better , && ! my god,-  mein got, im klar text,
so'n kind (was fuer fragen)....
  Fine, did i check my 100 mailboxes spread all over the box this morning ?
Fine, 100 mailboxes sorting
every thing about mail, a sorte of mailbox^mailbox, a new *concept* ! The
beauty of concepts,
like says platon, and spinoza at his time, deducing every thing from the
universe  to a wunderfull archiected theory - cqfd ! (ce qu'il fallait
dmontrer). Mr Bloom reading his
news paper on the toilet, column after column, and the begining of this
wunderfull book, Ulysseus,
- like a perfect initialized boot sequence : joyce should have learn mutt...
/ Slash : In my computer, i mean the
venus electonica of the computer world, so beautifull she is, i created a
whole world of micro slaves, or better,
micro office workers and clerks, who are allways busy the holy day, and in
joy ! I'm sure they are lucky
guys in my computer, and they adore there creator, me, who makes the sun
rise for them, every day...
Thinking, computing .....But the question is..... however, the question
remain : Did JR, my son, infringe
the rules of usenet ? In this case, it would be an occasion to hit him, but
unfortunatly, he didn't <sigh>
Not at all, because he can't type. 0 : (lockfile specified) : oups, hope
this letter comes in the box n 99
must check it later. But, i feel clearly, that the answer, the most
important answer i can give is :
that's not a mutt question ! Damned, and it's true. This time, it's really
not a mutt question, so i'm
not lying (no spell checker). Ein fuer allemal, das ist keine mutt Frage;
Und wenn ich's
mir wohl ueberlege ist dass glaube ich meine lieblings Antwort. Kein frage !
Aech, -keine mutt frage.
Komm mir vor wie ein kleiner superstar, eigentlich shoehn.
In other words, don't lie to me, i can't stand it.




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also targeted : tahil wathever


1. Time outs

The probelm concerns what I call "time outs". I receive
mail with hyperlinks. I then click on the hyperlinks in
sequence. After about three or so minutes, the next
hyperlink I click on gives me a message, "this page is no
longer available". I have found through experience that
the only way to solve this is to go back to the previous e-
mail message, and then click "next", bringing me back to
where I started.

I get my e-mail via Hotmail, so I contacted them. They
said the problem was with the people sending me the e-
mail. When I contacted the senders, they said the problem
was with Hotmail. All of this is being done via Internet
Explorer.  I haven't had this problem with Outlook Express
as yet. There probably is a default setting somewhere, but
I can't find it.


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