Problems with burst

Problems with burst

Post by David Fiand » Mon, 15 Apr 1991 05:54:26

I'm having a rather strange problem with burst.  I'm running MH 6.7.1 on
an SCO XENIX 386 Rel 2.3.3.  If I burst a message which has more than one
message in it, the last one is not burst, but all the others are.  I've
seen this with both messages containing both two and four messages.  In
both cases, the last message was not burst out.

Here's the help info from burst:

version: MH 6.7.1 #1[UCI] (golem) of Mon Feb 25 18:38:35 EST 1991
options: [DUMB] [MHRC] [MORE='"/usr/bin/more"'] [NOMHSEQ] [OVERHEAD]
         [SYS5] [SYS5DIR] [TYPESIG=void] [TZNAME] [NULL=0] [MMDFMTS]
         [MMDFII] [SPRINTFTYPE=int]


1. More about my problems with burst

After a little more experimentation, I have narrowed the problem down.
If there is more that one message in the collection of forw'ed messages,
and there is a blank line, but no text after the last message, then the
last message is not burst out, but ignored.

For example, if I run burst on this message, I would only get two
messages.  If the blank line at the end of the message was deleted, then
burst would properly burst the messages.  Either this is a bug in burst
that causes it to ignore the last message, or in forw putting a blank
line at the end of the collection.  Any ideas?

-------- Start of example

Subject: message 1

hi there

-------- Next message

Subject: message 2

hi there

-------- Next message

Subject: message 3

hi there

-------- End of example

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