Can sendmail hold-on to undeliverable mail?

Can sendmail hold-on to undeliverable mail?

Post by Brian Ranki » Sun, 27 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I'm running version 8 sendmail on a Solaris 2.4 box.
All mail flows thru here from the Internet, to a Novell mail
server which distributes the mail over the LAN.  When the Novell
mail server is down, sendmail sends a message to the Unix postmaster
for each message that it can't deliver.  My question is, what happens
to the undeliverable mail?  Is it returned as undeliverable to the
sender (hopefully not) or does it queue up for delivery later?

Can someone help me determine how to set this up?  I'm afraid I'm
losing mail when I don't need to be...


Brian Rankin
Far West Laboratory for Educational Research


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Hi everyone,

I've installed Pegasus Mail for Windows v2.55 (Win32) in a Novell
network with a server running Netware 3.12 and Win95 clients. I would
like to use Pegasus in the following manner:

1. Automatically save outgoing mail as a 'guarantee' that a message was
sent. How do I create or find the 'Outgoing messages' or 'Mail sent'
folder. I looked at the 'Copy self' option but what this does is copy
the message to the Copies to self folder whether the e-mail was actually
sent or not. When I edit a message through 'Review queued mail' I also
end up with several versions in the Copies to Self folder but I'm only
interested in the final version.

2. Automatically copy or move received messages to a folder which is
visible to all users. Do I use the Main folder for this? I played around
with the mail filtering rules a bit but the received messages retrieved
on one workstation will not appear on the other workstations until the
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Help is greatly appreciated.



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