CDONTS with multiple "To" and "Cc" Addresses

CDONTS with multiple "To" and "Cc" Addresses

Post by Steve Andrew » Thu, 28 Mar 2002 08:05:50

I need to send a CDONT constructed e-mail to multiple
addresses.  How do I code it?


CDONTS with multiple "To" and "Cc" Addresses

Post by Stev » Thu, 28 Mar 2002 12:50:06

I can now sent to multiple reciepients if I had code the
address ie

but if I try to pick up the E-mail addresses from drop
down menu's with the following coding  

     MyCDONTSMail.To = lstDist1.getValue() & ";" &

only the first address is picked up.  I can reverse the
numbers and the same thing happens. Only the one listed
first recievies the e-mail  ??

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>I need to send a CDONT constructed e-mail to multiple
>addresses.  How do I code it?



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