Changing the "TO:" field to the envelope "To:"

Changing the "TO:" field to the envelope "To:"

Post by Chuck Yerke » Sat, 05 Aug 1995 04:00:00

We are working with a gateway to IBM Notes that has a problem.  I've been
asked to hack sendmail to work around it.  It seems I need to replace the
TO: field with the contents of the alias lookup.

Here's my alias line:

I need it to change from "To: smith_joe"   into "To: joe_smith%notesdomain...."

Details of this:
The machine is running OS/2 sendmail, because the Sun version of the gateway
is revisions behind... (BTW, anyone have any luck moving 8.6.12/8.7 to
OS/2 ever???).  It basically works.

as above and then simply takes the message and drops it into
a directory that another part of notes polls and takes it away.
It DOES add to header lines to the one file that's left there:

(normal headers including:


BODY of message.
The other process polls this directory, gets this message and passes it in.

joe_smith%whatever..... so it presumes that the mail is TO smith_joe and that
"Joe Smith" (in notespeak) was BCC'd.  This screws up a bunch of things
(reply-all, etc).

I can't change the notes side of the behaviour.  I can teach sendmail
to change this - maybe.

My first solution is to open a database that happens to be the aliases
database.  Then (for this mailer) the To: field will be looked up against
this.  Ugly hack.  Is there a better way?


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Hi all !

I'm testing a "black box" that seems to be a Linux box and witch permits me
to connect my LAN to the Internet throught an single ISP account.

This box is using a "multi drop mailbox" to get the mails from the ISP for
all my domain.

In fact, I'm the ISP too. I configured a mailbox and redirect all mail for
this doamin in this mailbox :

# Database of handled domains
Kmaildomains btree /etc/maildomains.db

and in ruleset 98 :

All that is running. My black box comes and download mail.

Then it must sort mail for each local users.

Here the doculessmentation tells me that, for sorting mail, my ISP's mail
server must write either the "X-Envelope-To:" field or support the "for"
field in the "Received From :" line in the mail header of each message it
places in the mailbox.

What are that fields ? Who do I write them ? (one or other)

My configuration (ISP linux box) :
RedHat 4.2 and sendmail 8.8.5

Thanks in advance for help,


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