address analysis rules?

address analysis rules?

Post by Chuc » Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Anyone have any suggestions for creating a rule which will do the

etc will be sent to another SMTP machine for processing?  All other
addresses will be treated as they are now.  I am running sendmail



address analysis rules?

Post by Claus Assma » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Chuck writes:

>etc will be sent to another SMTP machine for processing?  All other
>addresses will be treated as they are now.  I am running sendmail

You need 8.9.0 for this (or apply the map-regex patch to your
Then you can test whether an address (local part?) contains
just numbers and select a relay machine based on
the outcome of the test.
See the map-regex documentation for examples (in 8.9.0:
cf/README or doc/op/


Claus Assmann
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I have several reply-rules defined; they work fine. Now I want to have a
parallel set of compose-rules. basicall the same set of rules but with
_TO_ substituted for _FROM_/_ADDRESS_. But whatever I put in compose-rules
seems to be ignored. :-(

For example, I put in

I note that the help screen uses >> where I've put == in my rules. Doesn't
affectt the (non)function of the rule.

I've been through the on-line help, the offical web site, the unofficial
web sites, and search the google archive of this group. But without
finding any help on this problem.

Can I use compose-rules like this? If so, what should the rule look like
the "reply" string is inserted properly. If it does not work like this is
there a patch to make it work --- I couldn't see one on Eduardo Chappa's

I'm using pine 4.44 with several of Eduardo's patches already installed,
especially those that adds functionality to reply-rules.

Regards, Trevor

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