need quick procmail help

need quick procmail help

Post by wai y » Fri, 03 May 1996 04:00:00

i think it is suffice to say that i know nothing about procmail, so is anyone
out there willing to write a little procmail program for me which saves any
incoming mail to my account and then deletes it from my mailbox?

i would really like to learn the little details, but i am in a hurry to get a
program like this.

thanks :)


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I installed microsoft internet news and email program.
And it doesnt works i click the read mail on the explorer
and nothing happends and the news mail doesnt works ither
the only way the news program works is when i write on the

 Please hellp me i got everything setup well, i have windows 95
and trumpet winsock 3.0 install

please email me if you know whats the problem.
badsnoopy rules !

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