Total Computer Lockup - NetMeeting 2 and 3

Total Computer Lockup - NetMeeting 2 and 3

Post by Patrick & Adaire Maso » Tue, 15 Feb 2000 04:00:00


Computer locks up when I try to open NM 2.1 / 3.0 / 3.01.  Result is an
entire computer crash requiring hard power boot.  We have had problems
with this for some time.  When windows is freshly installed after a format
(yes, we've stooped this low just for NM) it works for a time, but
there is something that screws with the registry and ....voila!....

We are running a 350 MHz PII with Viper 550 16MB AGP card, SB
128 PCI sound (with new drivers), 3Com PC Digital Camera (with new
drivers), and 192 MB of RAM.  We know the RAM is good because
we just had a problem and had to take the computer in....64 of it was
bad and was replaced last week.

Operating system is Win 98, second edition.

On the system is an 8.4 GB Seagate Drive with all sorts of stuff, Office 97,
IE5, Games (Delta Force 1/2, Flight Sim 2000, Combat FS, Need for Speed
2SE and 3, Spec Ops Rangers/Green Berets, SimCity 3k, F-16/MiG 29
(NovaLogic), Lemmings, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (: Puzzle Master,
PC Stitch 5, Solitaire Master, MS Football, VR Baseball, TetriMania, Revenge
of Arcade) and some other things, like PC Stitch 5, TLC Learn To Speak
Spanish and Quicken Family Lawyer).

I go through this nearly exhaustive inventory, because I believe that there
likely some program which is causing the system to hang when NM is
launched.  Right now, NM is totally useless, and I really would like to
find out what the problem is without a reformat.

Thanks for your help,

Pat Mason


1. Starting netmeeting causes monitor to shutdown and computer to lockup

Hi everyone. I'm in dire need of some help. I just installed the latest
build of netmeeting on my computer. Whenever i go to run it, my monitor goes
into what appears to be powersaving mode (the light on the front goes from
green to amber) and my computer locks up. I can't even turn it off by the
front button and ctrl-alt-delete does not work either. I either have to use
the switch on the power supply or on the power bar to shut the system down.
The computer is made up of an abit kt7-raid motherboard, amd athlon 900mhz
processor, 256mb of ram, asus v7100 geforce mx video card and soundblaster
live sound card, if those components make any difference or not. I thought
it may have been the nvidia detonator 3 drivers but I went to the default
drivers that came with the card and still having the same problem.


Rob Kirkby

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