Replying to all in message with multiple To: entries?

Replying to all in message with multiple To: entries?

Post by Steve Herm » Sat, 28 Jun 1997 04:00:00

We just discovered an odd situation which doesn't seem to work correctly
in Mac Eudora, but does seem to work in the PC version of Eudora.

Occasionally a message will arrive which contains multiple "To:" entries
in the header. For example:

To: addressee#1, addressee#2, addressee#3
To: addressee#5, addressee#6, addressee#7
To: addressee#9, etc....

When attempting to Reply to all by option-clicking the reply button, only
the addressees in the first "To:" field get picked up.  Apparently the PC
version of Eudora works as expected and carries over all the addresses to
the reply message.

So, is this a bug in Mac Eudora?  Is there a trick to get the reply to
work as expected?  What might be splitting the addressees into multiple
"To:" entries to begin with, and is that a "valid" thing to do?

Thanks for any input...

- Steve Herman - PrISMS
- Computer Sciences Corporation
- Marshall Space Flight Center
- Huntsville, AL


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