e-mail queue a lot of no control file

e-mail queue a lot of no control file

Post by david t.c.te » Fri, 02 Jul 1999 04:00:00

i am running sendmail 8.9.3, when i check my e-mail queue, I notice my
there a lot on (no control file). How can i reduce it.... any clue.




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Dear comp.mail.sendmail

    We are looking at setting up multiple queues with sendmail and
were wondering how to go about this?  Also if we run multiple queues
with messages in each queue do we setup sendmail to read + process
queue#1 then queue #2 ... or a sendmail queue process for each queue
at the same time?  We were recommeded to use multiple queues since
since we will be handle a large amount of opt-in lists.  We also seem
to be getting alot of "grew WorkList for /var/spool/mqueue to xxx"
messages in the log files.  The messages go up to 5000-8000 then quit
but i know there are supposed to be more messages going into the queue
than that.  Do you recommed increasing queuesegsize?  Also is there a
limit to the # of messages you can put into the queue?  Would
MaxQueueRunSize be causing all this?

Thank you for your help,
Richard Ivanowich

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