problems after doing "refile +"

problems after doing "refile +"

Post by Geoff Ra » Sat, 25 Jul 1998 04:00:00

A couple times recently, I've made the typo of "refile +" when I mean to do
something like "refile +l".  The problem I'm discovered is that MH doesn't
handle the "+" folder particularly gracefully.  While I can visit + in the
context of a single command, it's not sticky.

As such, I can "show + 1" to see the message I accidentally dropped in
there.  I can "rmm + 1", and I can "folder +".  However, if I want to
put the message back where it really belongs, I have to "refile -src + +l",
which is a pain.

Is there any good workaround?

If not, I'd propose that nmh should have a slightly better way to handle
this, either allowing one to visit + as if it were any other folder, by
having a profile option which rejects and attempt to access +, or even by a
compile-time option which requires that a folder name must be longer than 1
character (including the +).

(I use MH on some systems and nmh on others.  I'll probably migrate to nmh
on all of them some time soon, and such a patch would give me impetus to
change over completely.)