Video Lockups

Video Lockups

Post by Dale Meie » Thu, 07 Jun 2001 07:05:26

I am using a WinTV Go model 190 board with a camcorder. I can use my Sony
video camera just fine using the WinTV software. When I use Netmeeting 3.0.1
it gives me an error when I use the tuning wizard. When I try to turn on
video it locks the system up solid so I have to reset it . The only way I
can get Netmeeting to work is to remove the video & audio drivers using
Device Manager, reboot the system and let Windows 98 reload the WinTV video
and audio drivers. Then Netmeeting will work. If I reboot the system again
Netmeeting has the symptoms I just described. It only works the first time
the drivers are loaded from a reboot. Any reboots without loading the
drivers after that keep Netmeeting from working.

Very strange. I spoke with Hauppauge who makes the WinTV board and they said
Netmeeting 3.0.1 works with a clean system. Get real. Who has a clean
system? Any ideas?


1. infrequent video lockups..

Please ignore this question if it's been asked a million times already,
I can use NM (video-less), IE, and any/all of my other progs "from now till
doomsday" with no probs at all, but every so often, NM causes the whole
danged computer to lock up rocksolid-like (the shift/num-lock keys don't
even work) while communicating with another person with video.
Is it a prob with my capture-card (AverMedia)? I don't remember anything at
all similar ever happening with the Connectix.

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