Mailbox lock readonly

Mailbox lock readonly

Post by Nick » Sun, 30 Sep 2001 04:36:35

Sometimes I see in my maillog a read-only mailbox that is open by another
process, the popuser cannot get access for a while, is this because mail is
being delivered into it ?
only one user has access to the mailbox so there is no chance of
simultaneous connections.

1. can't open mailbox lock, access is readonly

Since I reinstalled Slackware 3.1 with Pine 3.95, some users have their
inbox locked. The message when opening Pine is
'can't open mailbox lock, access is readonly'
and the result is that they can't delete any mail from Pine (readonly).

I searched all the system, specially /var/spool/mail, for *lock* files but
couldn't find any.

Any hint?? (please e-mail back your reply)


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