sendmail 8.6 vs SunOS 4.1 vs -Bstatic vs frozen cf?

sendmail 8.6 vs SunOS 4.1 vs -Bstatic vs frozen cf?

Post by Ro » Wed, 30 Mar 1994 03:11:26

There's a "problem" under SunOS that can manifest itself when you start
sendmail from the /etc/rc.local.

The symptoms are that "sendmail -bd" works when you start it from the
command line once the system is up, but a daemon started from /etc/rc.local
doesn't work.

I encountered this problem after I had installed the "bigger better faster"
Sun C compiler.  Basically, when I started a daemon from the command line
it worked, but when started from /etc/rc.local it reported "no such user"
for any user name I cared to try.

I eventually found that if I started sendmail from /etc/rc.local BEFORE
the "ldconfig" command, it would fail, but if I started it from AFTER
the "ldconfig" command, it would work.

If compiled "-Bstatic" it would work no matter where in /etc/rc.local I
started it.

The man page for "ldconfig" talks about "performance enhancement", but
that apparently isn't the entire story.
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1. sendmail 8.6 vs SunOS 4.1 vs -Bstatic vs frozen cf?

  >[I just posted this to comp.mail.sendmail, which I know some of you
  >read, but I thought I should raise it here as well...]

(I only wish I had time to keep up with comp.mail.sendmail... :( )

  >I have just been going through configuring sendmail 8.6.8 for a SunOS
  >4.1.3 system.  We have previously used sendmail versions 8.5, 8.6.4
  >and 8.6.6.
  >Always wary of statically linked programs, when I discovered that by
  >default, sendmail was going to be linked with "-Bstatic", I wondered
  >why.  What follows is all I could find on the matter in the sources I
  >have.  Note that the full explanation of why sendmail is statically
  >linked for SunOS 4.1 comes from the 8.5 sources (which I still have
  >hanging around); there is no similar explanation in 8.6.

"-Bstatic" is probably no longer necessary.  This is because frozen
configs were removed as a sendmail feature in (I think it was) 8.6.4 or
8.6.5.  The rationale was the following:

        a) The original reason frozen configs existed were for
           performance reasons (i.e. they made sense on a slowbie
           machine such as a VAX 11/750).  On today's class of
           machines there is far less need.

        b) They were often unreliable in certain environments.

We probably should update the config, unless anyone can come up with
a reason to keep -Bstatic in there...



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