uucp vs local network

uucp vs local network

Post by Michael Reiche » Thu, 30 Apr 1992 21:49:38


in our company we have got several machines in a LAN and we have got a
uucp-domain. Now I have the Problem to make all host access the mails
that arrive on our mailhost. Our mailhost is a sparc2 and it has been
very easy to configure the uucp and sendmail // sendmail.cf on
this machine. By the way it has also been easy to configure the other
sparcs as mail clients by mounting /usr/spool/mail on all of them and
configuring their sendmail.cf-files to send all nonlocal mail to the

My first question is if I have to name all machines (clients)
to our uucp domain so that we can send mail from every machine to our
smarthost. Or does does the uucp itself give the mailheaders the correct
address of our domain ?
When I do not name the clients to our domainname the header shows
something like :

Is that correct ?
Can other hosts receiving this mail send a reply to this address so that
we get it ?
Or do all the nameserver deny a request for this address ?

Because of this question I told all of our people to use our mailhost to
read and send nonlocal mail to provide trouble at this time.

My second question is it anybody has experience with sendmail-configuration
on a Data General AVION (I think they write it like that) ? I tried to
run sendmail on that machine but it allways failed with an error.
The machine allways tells me : "Can't connect to server"
I think that I will have some more Information, becaus we are running NIS
on our machines and we get all information, (passwords, aliasfiles, groups
and so on) from the sparc described in the top of this posting.
Do I have this problem because sendmail cannot get the used information
from NIS ?

It would be fine if you can send me some hints to my second email-address,
because I do not read this newsgroup all the time.

Many thanks,





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