Outlook Express 6.0 hiding group email addresses

Outlook Express 6.0 hiding group email addresses

Post by Michael Santove » Thu, 07 Mar 2002 07:37:13

Suggestions on using a mailing list in Outlook Express:
 - In the Address book select New Group, give it a name (e.g. Bob's Mailing List BCC), and then
use Select Members to add the desired contacts to the group
 - In the Address book select New Contact, give it a name (e.g. Bob's Mailing List) and enter
your own e-mail address
 - When you want to send to the list, in the TO field select the "Bob's Mailing List" entry and
in the BCC field select the "Bob's Mailing List BCC" group.  Recipients will see "Bob's Mailing
List" in the TO field (which looks better than "Undisclosed Recipients" which sounds like
spam), they will not see the name or address of any of the people in the list and you will get
a copy of the message.
(With OE5+ you have to check the option to View, All Headers in a Mail composition window in
order to see the BCC field.)


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>Want to hide the email addresses of those persons included
>in the group so that the recipients of the email can not
>see the other addresses I am sending to.

>Is this possible?


1. How can I hide email addresses when emailing to a group?

The other day I used outlook express and emailed a
message to a large group of friends.  One of the
recipients took it upon himself to hit "repy all" and
solicted my friends with multi-level marketing scam.  I
was livid.  How can I hide or conceal everyone's email
addresses when sending a message to group?  There has to
be a better way than sending the message to each person

Thank you.

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